Saturday, September 02, 2006

Kevin Costner got it wrong

This is an eye-opener.......
Read this article Cola Wars

it take four litres of fresh water to create one litre of cola, and the rest is rendered waste. Toxic waste.

And what does Coca-Cola pay for this raw material in India ??

Coke and Pepsi pay a miniscule cess on their raw material -- water. In Mehdiganj plant, Coke used 13 million litres of water in 2003 and paid a water cess of between 3 paise and 30 paise for every 1,000 litres.
..... the multi-billion dollar empire paid the grand sum of Rs. 5,000 a year from 2000 to 2002 and then a slightly higher amount of Rs. 24,246 in 2003 for the water it pulled out. Wait, it gets worse. The cess is calculated based on the discharge of effluents -- meaning the wastewater -- and not on the fresh water it extracts. So Coke improves even on the deal of its lifetime -- 30 paise per thousand litres. This might be the freest ride Shining India is providing a company soaked in profits to prove it is market-friendly

..... The government’s own Central Ground Water Board reported water tables dropping 10 metres in five years since Coca-Cola started its bottling plant in Kala Dera.

Last week, water experts from 140 countries gathered in Stockholm for an international conference and predicted water wars. More than two billion people already live with water shortages primarily in India, China and the Middle East. Rivers, lakes and aquifers could become strategic assets and economies could crash as the supply of fresh water becomes as important as foreign investment. Water is already considered strategic in the Middle East -- Israel not only destroyed Lebanon’s roads and bridges, it also bombed its irrigation canals in the recent war. If oil defines the present, water might define the future.

So Mr. Costner, future is not 'Waterworld' but 'DryWorld'.