Thursday, July 06, 2006

Six Dimensions

I am reading this book 'Number of the Beast' by Robert A. Heinlien

Its based on an interesting concept. We normally say that there are 3 space dimensions, and that 4th dimension is time. What it actually means is that the space has 3 axes (length, width and depth). So if time is also a dimension then it must also have 3 axes and theoretically we should be able to move along any of the three.

This gives us a total of 6 dimensions (3 from space and 3 from time). The author bases the novel on the concept that any movement, translation or transistion on any of the dimensions gives rise to another universe and hence there are 6 to the power to the power 6 (i.e 1.031442479849E+28) alternate universes. This the author suggests is an alternative interpretation to the number of the beast (666) in the bible.


Anonymous Nishant said...

Interesting...but the basic premise is questionable. first thing, it's not like there are three spatial dimensions and one time dimension..there are four dimensions...two, even if we consider three dimesnions to be spatial, it doesn;t imply that time must also have three dimensions....three, string theory postulates 7 dimensions, with three dimensions being hiden on account of the dimesnions plains being looped into themselves

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